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About Partnerships and Recognition Programs

The Office of Program Support (OPS) develops and maintains partnerships with citizen’s groups, communities, businesses, and other organizations to encourage environmental management practices that are “above and beyond” basic compliance. The following recognition and voluntary stewardship programs are a result of these ongoing partnerships and pollution prevention initiatives:

  • Environmental Stewardship Program
    • Recognizes and rewards regulated entities that exceed the standards of environmental compliance, implement pollution prevention strategies, and maintain an environmental management system (EMS).
  • Indiana Clean Boater Program
    • A pledge program for recreational boaters who actively use best management practices to protect Indiana’s aquatic resources and who encourage their passengers and other boaters to do the same.
  • Indiana Clean Marina Program
    • Provides information, technical assistance, and guidance to Indiana in an effort to protect our state’s inland and coastal waterways. Participating marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, and recreational boaters receive recognition for their environmental stewardship.
  • Indiana Clean Yards Program
    • Recognizes auto salvage businesses that sell, recycle, or salvage scrap metals from vehicles for implementing pollution prevention and best management practices that protect the environment and surrounding communities from potential pollution generating activities.
  • Indiana Comprehensive Local Environmental Action Network (CLEAN)
    • Manages the CLEAN Community Challenge where Indiana municipalities, including cities, towns, and county levels of government are recognized and rewarded for proactively managing governmental operations in a manner that exemplifies a commitment to improving the environment and the health and well-being of their residents.
  • Indiana Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence
    • Recognize organizations that voluntarily go above and beyond their regulatory requirements by implementing innovative projects in one of these seven categories: Energy/Renewable Resources, Greening the Government, Land Use/Conservation, Environmental Education/Outreach, Pollution Prevention, Recycling/Reuse, and Continuous Improvement. By recognizing these efforts, IDEM hopes to transfer these project successes to other organizations for possible implementation.
  • Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention
    • Provides partnership and administrative support to this organization comprised of Indiana industries, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental bodies that implement and promote pollution prevention. This program brings these various entities together to share pollution prevention ideas, business practices, and innovations to promote waste reduction and environmental stewardship in Indiana.
  • Partners for Clean Air:
    • A coalition of Northwest Indiana businesses, industries, local governments, and community groups committed to improving overall air quality and public health through voluntary actions. PCA members implement air quality action plans as a way to reduce harmful pollutants such as ozone and particulate matter during Air Quality Action Days.

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