IESA Account Setup Tutorial



Welcome to the Regulatory Services Portal tutorial to help you go step by step through registration. At the end of the tutorial you will be able to start your registration from the IDEM e-Authentication page to login or create your account. This is a legal process, so be sure to read all instructions provided in this process.

Unless you have already submitted your Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement and received an e-mail confirmation, you will need to register by clicking the ‘New User Registration’ link.

  • If you have an existing User Name and password, select "Yes". You will then be instructed to enter your existing User Name and current password. If you are not an existing user for the Regulatory Services Portal or do not have a current password, please select "No".
  • Create a User Name to log into the Regulatory Services Portal.
  • Create a Password that meets the security criteria.
  • The User Profile is information about the person who will be using the account. This is you!
  • Now add a contact number. This is the number where IDEM may reach you.
  • Click continue.

Make sure to select the service that is applicable. To submit an electronic report for a facility, select the "All Other Services". You must add at least one facility. For all other submission types, select the "Services Not Requiring Facilities."

Follow the instructions located at the top of the facility search window to search for your facility. You can search for a facility by using a wild card character, such as the asterisk (*). If you have more than one facility, gather your information for ALL facilities at this time and enter them now to ensure timely processing.

Depending on your search criteria, you may get multiple results, as some facilities may have multiple locations. Make sure you are selecting the correct address for your facility.

Please select your role for this facility. If you select the Data Entry role, you will not be able to sign or certify the submission. Another individual will need to register as a user and select the Delegated Authorized Legal Authority role in order for the submission to be “signed”. Please review the role definitions displayed here.

Complete the supervisor/legal signatory authority /responsible official information to provide IDEM with an individual that can vouch for you. If you are asking for access for data entry, this would be your supervisor.

If you are responsible for more than one facility, add any additional facilities now. When you have added all of the facilities you are responsible for, Click continue to move to the next step in the registration process. Please make sure you have all of your facilities selected. Until this first request is approved, you will not have the ability to add additional facilities.

The Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement contains information you provided during this registration process. Please be sure to review the Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement for each facility that you have listed to ensure it is correct.

If you need to make changes to personal information on your Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement form, such as name, address, e-mail and contact information for facilities, select the Edit Profile button; to add additional facilities or roles select the Edit Facilities/Roles button.

To complete your Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement form, you MUST complete the online process by checking the “I certify…” checkbox and clicking the “Submit” button. You will not be able to log into the system until IDEM receives the paper form of the Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement.

You will receive an email from that will contain your final Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement from as an attachment. When you receive the e-mail, you will need to open the attachment, print out, sign and mail to IDEM at the following address:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
ATTN: eServices Team
MC 50-10I IGCN Room 1249
100 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251

The Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement forms that you print will be specific to your role for this facility.

If you have selected the Data Entry role, you will need to sign and date the User Attestation.

If you have selected the Delegated Authorized Legal Authority role, you will need to sign and date the User Attestation and the Signatory Attestation. You will also need to have the Authorized Legal Authority information completed and signed by the individual who has delegated the signatory to YOU.

If you are the Authorized Legal Authority , you will need to sign and date the User Attestation and the Signatory Attestation.

  • REMEMBER, you must mail to IDEM a finalized Indiana Electronic Subscriber Agreement form for each facility.
  • IDEM will approve your user account before you can use the Regulatory Services Portal (RSP).
  • The user account is not to be shared; the individual completing this registration must be the individual using this account.
  • If you have questions about this process, contact via email "eservices at"