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Complainant and Respondent desire to settle and compromise this action without hearing or adjudication of any issue of fact or law, and consent to the entry of the following Findings of Fact and Order. Pursuant to Indiana Code (“IC”) 13-30-3-3, entry into the terms of this Agreed Order does not constitute an admission of any violation contained herein. Respondent’s entry into this Agreed Order shall not constitute a waiver of any defense, legal or equitable, which Respondent may have in any future administrative or judicial proceeding, except a proceeding to enforce this order.




1.             Complainant is the Commissioner (“Complainant”) of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (“IDEM”), a department of the State of Indiana created by IC 13-13-1-1.


2.             Respondent is Synergid, Inc. (“Respondent”), which owns and operates Paul Davis Restoration located at 3010-1 Butler Ridge Parkway in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


3.             Respondent was contracted to perform demolition and asbestos removal for the burned commercial building located at 106 North Main Street in Wolcottville, LaGrange County, Indiana (“Site”).


4.             On April 1, 2019, a Notification of Demolition and Renovation Operations was received by IDEM which indicated that all the debris from the Site would be removed and disposed of as asbestos containing material.


5.             IDEM has jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter of this action.


6.             Pursuant to IC 13-30-3-3, IDEM issued a Notice of Violation (“NOV”) in conjunction with this Agreed Order via Electronic Mail to:


Daniel Leffers, Chairman                        Shelly Koelper, Registered Agent

Synergid, Inc.                                         Synergid, Inc.

3010-1 Butler Ridge Parkway                 3010-1 Butler Ridge Parkway

Fort Wayne, IN 46808                            Fort Wayne, IN 46808          


7.             All the rules herein refer to the rules in effect at the time of the violations.


8.             During an investigation including inspections conducted by a representative of IDEM, the following violations were found:


a.             Pursuant to 326 IAC 14-10-4(1)(C), each owner or operator of a demolition or renovation activity to whom this section applies according to section 1 of this rule, shall comply with the following emission control procedures: (1) Remove all Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM) from a facility being demolished or renovated before any activity begins that would break up, dislodge, or similarly disturb the material or preclude access to the material for subsequent removal. However, RACM need not be removed before demolition if the RACM meets the following requirement: (C) It was not accessible for testing and was, therefore, not discovered until after demolition began and, as a result of the demolition, the material cannot be safely removed. If not removed for safety reasons, the exposed RACM and any asbestos-contaminated debris must be treated as asbestos-containing waste material and must be adequately wet at all times until properly disposed of at a waste disposal site operated in accordance with the requirements of 40 CFR.


Respondent failed to adequately wet the asbestos-contaminated debris during demolition of the Site, in violation of 326 IAC 14-10-4(1)(C).


b.             Pursuant to 326 IAC 14-10-4(6)(A), for all RACM, including material that has been removed or stripped, the following requirements must be met: (A) Adequately wet the material and ensure that it remains wet until collected and contained or treated for disposal and is disposed of in accordance with 40 CFR 61.150.


Respondent failed to ensure the asbestos-contaminated debris remained wet until collected and contained or treated for disposal, in violation of 326 IAC 14-10-4(6)(A).


c.              Pursuant to 326 IAC 18-1-3(d)(1), an asbestos contractor shall implement asbestos projects by employing a licensed: (1) asbestos worker who fulfills the requirements of section 4(d) or 6(a) of this rule by successfully completing an approved training course provided by another Indiana approved training provider.


Respondent allowed an unlicensed worker to assist during an asbestos project located at the Site, in violation of 326 IAC 18-1-3(d)(1).


d.             Pursuant to 326 IAC 14-10-4(9), upon completion of stripping and removal operations for demolition projects described in section 1(a) of this rule and renovation projects described in section 1(c) through 1(f) of this rule, collect visible contamination of asbestos by employing one (1) or both of the following cleaning procedures: (A) Vacuum all surfaces in the work area using a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter and remove all standing water or (B) Wet wipe or wet mop all surfaces in the work area and remove all standing water.


Respondent failed to collect visible asbestos-contaminated debris from the Site, in violation of 326 IAC 14-10-4(9).


e.             Pursuant to 326 IAC 14-10-4(10), upon completion of the cleanup requirements identified in subdivision (9), an Indiana licensed supervisor, prior to the removal of the warning signs or other demarcation of the work area, shall perform a final visual inspection of the work area for visible suspect RACM debris. If visible suspect RACM debris is discovered, then the requirements of subdivision (9) shall be repeated until all visible suspect RACM debris has been removed. Upon completion of the above, the licensed supervisor shall certify in writing that the final visual inspection was completed and the work area is free of all visible suspect asbestos debris.


Respondent failed to remove all visible asbestos-contaminated debris prior to removal of the warning signs from the Site, in violation of 326 IAC 14-10-4(10).


f.               Pursuant to 326 IAC 14-10-4(11), for any RACM or suspect RACM, the following requirement must be met: Asbestos warning signs or labels must be prominently displayed on the door of the locked containers, rooms, trucks, or trailers. If such secure areas are not available, other security measures must be employed, including the use of barriers, security guards, or other measures approved by the department. Asbestos warning labels must be posted in all areas where asbestos is stored.


Respondent failed to maintain the asbestos warning signs at the Site, in violation of 326 IAC 14-10-4(11).


9.             Respondent withdrew from the uncompleted abatement project at the Site on May 9, 2019.


10.          Orders of the Commissioner are subject to administrative review by the Office of Environmental Adjudication under IC 4-21.5; however, in recognition of the settlement reached, Respondent acknowledges notice of this right and waives any right to administrative and judicial review of this Agreed Order.




1.             This Agreed Order shall be effective (“Effective Date”) when it is approved by Complainant or Complainant’s delegate, and has been received by Respondent. This Agreed Order shall have no force or effect until the Effective Date.


2.             Respondent shall comply with the rules listed in the findings of fact above.


3.             All submittals required by this Agreed Order, unless IDEM notifies the Respondent otherwise in writing, shall be sent to:


Jennifer Bailey, Senior Enforcement Case Manager

Office of Air Quality

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

100 North Senate Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251


4.             Pursuant to IC 13-30-4-1, Respondent is assessed and agrees to pay a civil penalty of Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($12,500).  Said penalty amount shall be due and payable to the Asbestos Trust Fund within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date; the thirtieth day being the “Due Date.”


5.             Civil penalties are payable by check to the “Asbestos Trust Fund.” Checks shall include the Case Number of this action and shall be mailed to:


Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Accounts Receivable

IGCN, Room 1340

100 North Senate Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46204


6.             In the event that the monies due to IDEM pursuant to this Agreed Order are not paid on or before their Due Date, Respondent shall pay interest on the unpaid balance at the rate established by IC 24-4.6-1. The interest shall be computed as having accrued from the Due Date until the date that Respondent pays any unpaid balance. Such interest shall be payable to the Asbestos Trust Fund, and shall be payable to IDEM in the manner specified in Paragraph 5, above.


7.             Signatories to this Agreed Order certify that they are fully authorized to execute this Agreed Order and legally bind the party they represent.


8.             This Agreed Order shall apply to and be binding upon Respondent and all successors and assigns. Respondent shall provide a copy of this Agreed Order, if in force, to any subsequent owners, successors, or assigns before ownership rights are transferred.


9.             No change in ownership, corporate, or partnership status of Respondent shall in any way alter the Respondent’s status or responsibilities under this Agreed Order.


10.          Respondent shall ensure that all contractors, firms, and other persons performing work under this Agreed Order comply with the terms of this Agreed Order.


11.          In the event that any terms of this Agreed Order are found to be invalid, the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect and shall be construed and enforced as if this Agreed Order did not contain the invalid terms.


12.          This Agreed Order is not and shall not be interpreted to be a permit or a modification of an existing permit. This Agreed Order, and IDEM’s review or approval of any submittal made by Respondent pursuant to this Agreed Order, shall not in any way relieve Respondent of the obligation to comply with the requirements of any applicable permits or any applicable Federal or State laws or regulations.


13.          Complainant does not, by its approval of this Agreed Order, warrant or aver in any manner that Respondent’s compliance with any aspect of this Agreed Order will result in compliance with the provisions of any permit, order, or any applicable Federal or State law or regulation. Additionally, IDEM or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be held liable for any costs or penalties Respondent may incur as a result of Respondent’s efforts to comply with this Agreed Order.


14.          Nothing in this Agreed Order shall prevent or limit IDEM’s rights to obtain penalties or injunctive relief under any applicable Federal or State law or regulation, except that IDEM may not, and hereby waives its right to, seek additional civil penalties for the violations specified in the NOV.


15.          Nothing in this Agreed Order shall prevent IDEM or anyone acting on its behalf from communicating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“U.S. EPA”) or any other agency or entity about any matters relating to this enforcement action. IDEM or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be held liable for any costs or penalties Respondent may incur as a result of such communications with the U.S. EPA or any other agency or entity.


16.          This Agreed Order shall remain in effect until Respondent has complied with all terms and conditions of this Agreed Order and IDEM has issued a Resolution of Case letter to Respondent.






Department of Environmental Management


Synergid, Inc.










David P. McIver, Chief





Enforcement Section





Office of Air Quality




















For the Department of Environmental Management




































, 2022.



For the Commissioner:




Signed on March 8, 2022


Matthew Stuckey


Assistant Commissioner


Office of Air Quality

Indiana Department of Environmental Management