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Current Section 319/205j Projects

Congratulations! You’ve received a grant award from IDEM - now what?

Your first step should be to view the NPS Grants Orientation Presentation [PPT]. The NPS Grantee Orientation is a presentation designed to help orient you and your key project staff to IDEM’s NPS Grants Program. You’ll learn how to be more effective with your grant funds, avoid administrative pitfalls, understand the ins and outs of IDEM’s processes, and learn which IDEM staff will be able to help you along the way. Whether you’ve had grants with IDEM before or this is your first, we strongly recommend you review this presentation before meeting with your IDEM project manager for an initial site visit. We encourage you to invite any other person or persons that will be working with you on your project to review this presentation as well. Let us help you get off to a great start on your project!

Along with the orientation presentation, you will find the Nonpoint Source Grants Compendium to be full of helpful information for IDEM grantees, including:

Nonpoint source pollution remains the largest source of water quality problems in Indiana. Bacteria, nutrients, and sediments are the leading NPS pollutants of concern in Indiana. From 1990, when the NPS Program began, through 2014, IDEM has funded 553 projects totaling over $72 million dollars with Section 319(h) and Section 205(j) grant funds. Projects that implemented best management practices reported the following amount of pollutants have been kept from entering streams:

  • 451,859 tons of sediment per year,
  • 711,059 lbs. of phosphorus per year, and
  • 1,295,692 lbs. of nitrogen per year.

Learn more about current 205(j) and current 319(h) grant projects as well as how some grant funded projects have made a real difference! Additionally, the U.S. EPA Grants Reporting and Tracking System (GRTS) website provides information on all Section 319 projects details reported by the states.

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