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Anderson River (Upper) WMP 5-76


The Anderson River, 8-Digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 05140201, is located in southwest Indiana with its headwaters in Crawford, Dubois, Perry, and Spencer Counties, and emptying into the Ohio River west of the town of Troy, Indiana. Three sub-watersheds in the headwaters (Blackhawk Creek HUC 05140201070070, Hurricane Creek - Ferdinand Run HUC 05140201070060, and Hurricane Creek – Headwaters HUC 05140201070050) of the watershed were studied for the project. The project area is approximately 21,000 acres. Ferdinand State Forest comprises approximately 2,900, thereby reducing the area threatened by agriculture and urban activities to approximately 18,700 acres.

In July, 1999 a gathering of a half dozen or so citizens met at the St. Meinrad Arch Abbey Gift Shop in Spencer County. The spring flooding of farm fields triggered the meeting. It was decided to schedule a public meeting to find out how many citizens in the watershed had serious concerns, and what their concerns were. Additionally, the group wanted to review an earlier conservancy plan and its lack of implementation.

More work may be needed to provide for a comprehensive implementation plan for the Upper Anderson River watershed, however, there is significant information from which to draft the details with any available new data incorporated.

The Complete Upper Anderson River Watershed Management Plan