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White River (Delaware County) WMP 00-206


This watershed management plan (WMP) addresses local water quality conditions identified in three 14-digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) subwatersheds located within the Upper White River Watershed in Delaware County. This plan was created by the members of the White River Watershed Project (WRWP), a project overseen by the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).

The White River Watershed Project is a community-driven, voluntary effort to clean-up and reduce nonpoint source water pollution for a better quality of life in Delaware County. This WMP shall serve as a guide for local citizens from all sectors of the community to accomplish that stated goal. This plan identifies local water quality issues and concerns, provides step-by-step methods for addressing each one, and steers the reader towards sources that can help them implement the listed suggestions.

The WRWP had maintained an assertive public outreach program from its onset: with the goal to inform and involve as much of the public as possible in the planning process. Through the high level of community involvement that was achieved, wide spread support for the implementation phase of this project has been gained. Orchestrating such involvement was not without its challenges; however, it was these very challenges that provided the foundation for this strong, well thought out, and highly supported WMP.

All of the work conducted by the White River Watershed Project Committees, the SWCD Board and the general public has been brought together to create this plan. This is a document that has truly been developed by and for the people of Delaware County, Indiana.

The Complete Upper White River (Delaware Co.) Watershed Management Plan