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General Reference

  • Management Help Online Library:
    • The “All About Nonprofit Fundraising” section has numerous tools for your use in raising funds for your watershed effort.
  • River Network’s Resource Library:
    • River Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local watershed groups protect and restore their rivers and streams. Their Resource Library has good information for local groups – all free! Apply the “FUNDRAISING AND GRANTS” category filter to see publications relating to this topic.


Fundraising - Private Donations / Foundations

Financial Planning


Branding - Value

  • Marketing a Nonprofit Brand:
    • This blog by branding experts at the Branding Strategy Insider lays out the important components of a successful nonprofit brand.
  • Branding for Nonprofits: Why it’s Important:
    • This article lays out a philosophy of branding specifically for environmental nonprofits, with specific examples of branding done well. A must-read for any nonprofit who is considering a brand.

Watershed Toolkit: Table of Contents

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