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Annual Operation Fees


Indiana Code 13-20-21 requires the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to assess Solid Waste Annual Operation Fees by January 15 of each year.

Who Owes Annual Operation Fees?

Annual operation fees apply to every solid waste management facility that has received a permit or has notified IDEM of on-site disposal activities as of January 1 of the billing year.

What Are the Fee Categories?

The annual operation fee categories and fee amounts are as follows:

Fee Category Fee Amount
Sanitary Landfill
>500 TPD $35,000
250-499 TPD $15,000
100-249 TPD $7,000
<100 TPD $2,000
Construction/Demolition Site $1,500
Restricted Waste Site
Type I $35,000
Type II $25,000
Type III $10,000
Processing Facility
Transfer Station $2,000
Other $2,000
>500 TPD $35,000
250-499 TPD $15,000
100-249 TPD $7,000
<100 TPD $2,000
Infectious Waste Incinerator (>7 TPD) $5,000
Waste Tire Storage Registration $500
Waste Tire Transporter Registration $25
Groundwater Compliance Sampling (per well) $250

How Are Fees Assessed?

The annual operation fees for your facility are assessed by IDEM staff based upon your permit or other available information. A facility that is described in more than one annual operation fee category must pay the applicable fee for each category. Solid waste facilities which are operating as of January 1 must pay the applicable fee(s).

Please note that on-site notifiers are being billed according to their waste stream type (i.e., Type I, II, or III). Any on-site notifiers which have not yet been categorized by type will be billed as a Restricted Waste Sites Type III.

If you disagree with the fee assessment, please refer to your invoice for instructions. A credit or refund will be issued if IDEM's assessment was in error.

A semi-annual or quarterly installment plan can be granted if requested in writing by January 31. Ten percent late fees are assessed for late payments and for late installment payments.

Note: Groundwater Compliance Sampling category. You are subject to the groundwater compliance sampling annual operation fee if you are operating a land disposal facility with groundwater monitoring wells when the annual operation fee is assessed. This fee is assessed on a per well basis. (Each well in a cluster is counted separately). Facilities subject to the ground water compliance sampling annual operation fee will be billed on the same invoice.

Where Do I Send the Payment?

Make the check or money order payable to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Please send your payment/check and a copy of the invoice to the address indicated on the invoice.

When Is the Payment Due?

Your payment must be postmarked by February 15.

NOTE: if the fee is not remitted within 30 days after it is due, a delinquency charge equal to 10% of the fee or of the installment will be assessed, and you may be liable for a civil penalty of up to $25,000 per day. Further delinquency may result in the revocation of a permit.

Whom Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

If you have questions regarding these fees, you may email olqregulatoryreporting@idem.in.gov or call (317) 233-0066.