Landfill Capacity Annual Survey Report

Solid Waste Group

Indiana Rule 329 IAC 10-20-24 requires that the owner, operator, or permittee of a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill (MSWLF) must conduct an annual survey of the landfill between December 1 and March 31 of each year for the purpose of creating a contour map that indicates existing contours of the MSWLF and the existing limits of solid waste disposed at the MSWLF. The required annual map and the requested information must be submitted to IDEM by June 15. If you have additional questions contact, via email,

2012 Guidance for the Submission of Landfill Contour Maps


  1. Pursuant to Indiana Rule 329 IAC 10-20-24, each municipal solid waste landfill must be surveyed between December 1 and March 31 of each year and a current contour map based on this survey must be submitted to IDEM by June 15.
  2. The current contour map must:
    • indicate the day the survey was conducted
    • indicate the existing contours of the landfill and the existing limits of solid waste disposed at the landfill
    • be done at the same scale as the final contour map required under 329 IAC 10-15-2

Solid Waste Rule 329 IAC 10 has been revised. Effective April 1, 2004, 329 IAC 10-1-4 and 329 IAC 10-1-4.5 require the following. Maps must either:

  • be submitted in one of the following coordinate systems;
    • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM);
    • State Plane coordinate system;
  • North American Datum (NAD) 1983 or NAD 1927 that includes a description of the coordinates as annotation or in a text file accompanying the map. The description must include:
    1. measurement units;
    2. datum; and
    3. identification of the coordinate system


  • provide information regarding the survey coordinate system used to create the maps, including the following:
    • at least two (2), but preferably four (4) or more reference locations, field marked and of at least the third order on each map if the sites were surveyed;
    • coordinates for the reference locations, supplied in either UTM or State Plane coordinate system, submitted in separate text files or as annotations on the maps.
    • documentation of the degree of accuracy, precision and the manner in which coordinates were determined for the reference locations, submitted in narrative on the maps or in metadata files.

Also, each submission must meet the following standards:

  • maps and documentation must be properly titled;
  • maps must include:
  • the date and author;
  • documentation of the coordinate system of the map including:
    1. measurement units;
    2. datum; and
    3. identification of the coordinate system used;
  • a bar scale;
  • elevations that correlate with United States Geological Survey mean sea level data;
  • the facility name;
  • the state regulatory identification number, such as permit number or authorization number;
  • a north arrow;
  • and a map legend.


IDEM requests that municipal solid waste landfills submit maps containing the following information:

  • the limits of waste cells for closed and future areas as they stand at survey date;
  • contours of final and/or base grades that were changed from previously permitted contours as a result of a modification;
  • the label, "Annual Contour Update as Required by 329 IAC 10-20-24";
  • the name of the facility, IDEM Solid Waste Permit Number, and the IDEM program area in a text file or on removable media;
  • the limits of the facility property boundary;
  • the limits of sensitive areas such as wetlands, floodways, threatened species habitats, etc.;
  • engineered structures including dikes, berms, liners, slurry walls, treatment facilities, roads, monitoring wells, etc.; and
  • drainage ways such as run-off control structures and ditches.


  • Electronic versions of the annual surveys should be submitted electronically with or in place of a paper map. The submitted file must be in .dwg or .dxf format.
  • All layers must be clearly labeled.
  • If an expansion or modification that altered the waste disposal area, final contours, and/or subgrade contours was approved, submit an electronic copy of the new map. The map may be included in the annual contour map electronic file with the current contours as long as the new subgrade contours, final contours, and cell boundaries are on separate, clearly identified layers.
  • Submit remaining airspace calculations. IDEM uses these maps to calculate remaining capacity, and having a total against which to reconcile calculations helps IDEM and landfills identify any discrepancies sooner and resolve them more easily.
  • Facilities may choose to submit electronic surveys as an e-mail attachment to or via mail on CD-ROM to the following address:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Land Quality
100 N. Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

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