Complete Solid Waste Quarterly Report Database

These reports summarize the information about waste received by disposal facilities and processing facilities. They are tab-delimited and formatted to be opened in spreadsheet software (QuattroPro, Lotus, Excel) or database software (Paradox, dBase, Access). New data is posted annually, and the most recent data file was posted on March 7, 2018.

* Due to database changes, the layout of these files will not look the same as those for more recent years.

Use the following list to understand the data column headings:

Start date of the quarter waste was received
End date of the quarter waste was received
Facility ID of landfill, incinerator, or transfer station that received the waste
facility name
Landfill, incinerator, or transfer station name
facility type
Type code of facility
Code for the type of facility. Types of facilities include:
  • CDS (Construction/Demolition Site)
  • INP (Incinerator)
  • MSW (Municipal Solid Waste Landfill)
  • MWP (Medical Waste Processor)
  • NSW (Non-municipal Solid Waste Landfill)
  • PFO (Processing Facility – Other)
  • RW1 (Restricted Waste Site – Type 1)
  • RW2 (Restricted Waste Site – Type 2)
  • RW3 (Restricted Waste Site – Type 3)
  • RWX (Restricted Waste Site – Type to be determined)
  • TS (Transfer Station)
State origin of waste
County origin of waste
waste type
Type of waste received, includes:
  • MSWR - Municipal Solid Waste
  • NMCD - Construction/Demolition
  • NMSPW - Special Other
  • NMFDY - Foundry
  • NMRSW - Special Other
  • NMCA - Coal Ash
  • NMFGD - FGD Waste (flue gas desulfurization by products)
  • NMOTR - Non-Municipal Other
  • NMOTH - Other Non-Municipal
  • REUSE - Alternate Daily Cover
Amount of waste received in tons