Nonrule Policies

The following files are available on the IDEM Nonrule Policies page:

  • Guidance for Statistical Evaluation Plan Preparation and Review (Waste-0003)
  • Disposal of Empty Containers as Solid Waste (Waste-0005)
  • Important Notice Regarding Whole Waste Tire Disposal Ban (Waste-0007)
  • Guidance on Direct Transfer of Infectious Waste at Non-permitted Transfer Operations (Waste-0025)
  • Post-Closure Uses of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities (Waste-0026)
  • Storage of Type III Foundry Sands Prior To Legitimate Use (Waste-0027)
  • Use of Foundry Sands in Accordance with House Enrolled Act 1541 (Waste-0028)
  • Disposal Facility Contingency Plan for Improperly Packaged Asbestos Containing Materials (Waste-0029)
  • Collecting Static Water Level Measurements and Developing Groundwater Flow Maps (Waste-0033)
  • Use of Foundry Sand in Land Application and as a Soil Amendment (Waste-0040)
  • Methane Monitoring Program (Waste-0056)

For Additional Information

If there are any further questions, please contact staff of the Industrial Waste Compliance Branch, Office of Land Quality, via phone at (317) 234-6923, or, Toll Free (within Indiana), (800) 451-6027, or via email at