Hazardous Waste Manifesting in Indiana

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About the Hazardous Waste Manifest

The manifest is a document required by state and federal regulations that tracks hazardous waste from the point of generation through the transportation process to the final destination of the waste. This ensures that the waste is not tampered with, dumped, or otherwise illegally disposed of along the way. A manifest must accompany every regulated shipment of hazardous waste originating or terminating in Indiana unless use of the manifest is specifically exempted by 329 IAC 3.1.

The manifest requires information about the quantities and characteristics of hazardous waste generated and disposed of in Indiana. It is important that it is filled out completely and accurately. Deliberate falsification of information on a manifest is a criminal violation of State and Federal regulations. Enforcement measures may be taken against those improperly using manifests.

Regulatory Citations

  • Indiana regulations 329 IAC 3.1 Rules 7,8,9,10
  • Federal regulations 40 CFR Subparts B, 263 Subpart C, 264 Subpart E, 265 Subpart E

The Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

In the early days of the RCRA program each state had different manifest forms which made the interstate transportation of waste often difficult and confusing. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has now standardized the manifest form. This streamlines the waste handling process, helps interstate commerce, and reduces regulatory paperwork. It saves waste handlers and regulators time and money, while guaranteeing the continued, safe management of hazardous waste. States no longer have state specific manifests. The manifest is standardized so that each state and hazardous waste handlers will use the same form and follow the same rules.

Indiana Specific Manifest Requirements

Indiana no longer requires that copies of the manifest be sent to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. To replace the information formerly obtained from the manifests, Indiana now requires the submittal of an Annual Hazardous Waste Manifest report to be submitted by both small and large quantity generators each year.

Handlers may still be required to submit a copy of the manifest to another state if the waste was shipped out of state or received from out of state. In order to determine if you are required to submit a copy of the manifest to another state’s environmental agency, the U.S. EPA has designed a website to compile copy distribution information for each state. This web site will also provide state waste codes that you may be required to use on the manifest.

Obtaining the Manifest Forms

Manifests can be printed by various entities, but they must first register with U.S. EPA to obtain approval to print.

All manifest forms will be printed according to a precise specification to assure uniformity. Each form will carry a unique preprinted manifest tracking number.

  • Three characters will be assigned to each entity approved to print the new manifest. These characters will serve as the suffix of the manifest tracking number. The manifest tracking number will consist of nine numbers and the three character suffix.
  • Manifest tracking numbers, manifest printing, and obtaining manifests is discussed in section 262.21 of the new rule.
  • The U.S. EPA Manifest Registry Web site provides information on:
    • How to become a registered printer
    • How to obtain manifest forms from approved printers
    • How to complete the new manifest form
    • State contact information for state waste codes and copy distribution regulations


If you have any questions concerning the Indiana manifesting requirements you may contact IDEM via phone, (317) 233-0066, via email at olqregulatoryreporting@idem.in.gov.

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