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How to Obtain a New RCRA ID Number

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires anyone who handles hazardous waste to notify IDEM (as authorized by U.S. EPA) of their regulated waste activities. U.S. EPA has an online tool called myRCRAid, a module of the RCRAInfo Industry Application, which allows you obtain and update your site’s permanent federal U.S. EPA ID number. You can also request access to the electronic manifest (e-Manifest) System module of RCRAInfo to view, enter, and/or sign e-Manifests at the same link you register and access myRCRAid.


U.S. EPA has produced a free online training resource (Learning Zen) with instructions on how to register as an industry user and how to complete the Notification of Regulated Waste Activity form. We strongly recommend this training and strongly recommend primary site contacts complete the Site Manager training module found within this site.

IDEM has provided step-by-step instructions for filling out your form. We strongly suggest you open or print these files when using myRCRAid, especially the first time. You must register as an industry user in myRCRAid before completing an initial notification or updating an existing U.S. EPA ID number.

Detailed instructions regarding regulated waste notifications may be found online:

Generator Category

You must determine which generator classification is correct for your installation. If you notify as a "Generator greater than 1000 kg/mo (2200 lbs)" you are a Large Quantity Generator (LQG) and are subject to all applicable regulations under Subtitle C of RCRA including the Biennial Report. LQGs must also submit annual reports. LQGs are subject to annual Generator fees under Indiana statute IC 13-22-12-3. When submitting an initial notification in myRCRAid, we may ask for a fee invoice contact and address. Subsequent notifications that update a status to LQG will also require a fee invoice contact and address.

If you notify as a "Generator 100 to 1000 kg/mo (220-2200 lbs)" you are a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) and are subject to IC 13-22-4-3.1 which requires you to submit an annual report summarizing your hazardous waste shipments for each year. SQGs are not subject to Generator fees.

Location Changes

The RCRA ID number is site-specific. If your installation changes locations, a new notification is required and you will receive a new ID number. You may not use your old ID number for your new location.

Other Changes

If your installation changes generator categories, mailing address, contact person, etc. or if it stops handling hazardous waste or goes out of business you should enter a subsequent notification into myRCRAid. If your installation changes ownership, a subsequent notification must be entered into myRCRAid before the new owner uses the ID number.

Reference Lists

You may view or download the following documents to assist in filling out the MyRCRAid registration.

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