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Pumpout Information for Boaters

Indiana's lakes, rivers, and beaches are wonderful places to play, watch wildlife, fish, and swim. Indiana’s access to Lake Michigan and the Ohio River and numerous inland lakes throughout the state makes recreational boating in particular very popular.

Why Use A Pumpout?

As the number of recreational boaters increase, so does the threat of serious water pollution. One source of that pollution is raw boat sewage. Discharging boat sewage releases disease-carrying microorganisms that contaminate our waters, decrease oxygen levels in the water (which can lead to fish kills), contaminate edible shellfish with harmful bacteria that can cause illness when eaten, and reduce the aesthetic quality and scenic enjoyment of our waters. By using boat sewage pumpouts to properly empty onboard sewage tanks, we can improve and protect Indiana's water quality. Keep Our Water Clean - Use Pumpouts!

  • The Green Issue provides additional information on how raw sewage impacts Indiana’s waters.

How Can Boaters Help?

Look for the pumpout logo (see below) when you’re boating to know if the marina has a pumpout available. A list of Indiana marinas with pumpouts is also available.
It’s easy – Keep Our Water Clean – Use Pumpouts!

In Indiana, most large water bodies have publicly available CVA-funded pumpouts you can use for free or a minimal fee (less than $5). Be sure to empty holding tanks and portable toilets into a pumpout, dump station, or at home.

More Ways Boaters Can Help

Just like the marinas, there are a number of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that boaters can implement to protect water quality and aquatic resources. Best management practices are methods that have been determined to be the most effective and practical means of preventing or reducing pollution.

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