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How Marinas Can Participate

Day-to-day operations at marinas may generate pollutants that can negatively impact aquatic environments. Like recreational boaters, marina owners and managers play a vital role in protecting Indiana’s inland and coastal waterways. IDEM invites every marina in Indiana to voluntarily participate in the Indiana Clean Marina Program and become a certified Indiana Clean Marina. By implementing best management practices (BMPs) [YouTube] and encouraging customers to do the same, marina owners and managers can help prevent or reduce the amount of pollution entering our lakes and rivers and even help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Referenced forms are available on the IDEM Agency Forms page.

The Benefits of Participating

Marina owners and managers who participate in the Indiana Clean Marina Program will:

  • Reduce waste disposal costs:
    • The Best Management Practices (BMPs) highlighted in the Indiana Clean Marina Program Guidebook will reduce the amount of wastes you produce so your disposal costs will be less.
  • Generate new sources of revenue:
    • Studies have shown that owners of Clean Marinas can charge slightly higher slip fees and have fewer vacancies.
  • Receive free technical assistance:
    • You will have access to a best management practices guidebook and on-site visits. In addition, Clean Marinas are invited to participate in an annual roundtable discussion on issues impacting Indiana’s marinas and learn about managing aquatic invasive species, bird control measures, green infrastructure landscaping, and other topics, as well as learn about available funding opportunities.
  • Reduce legal liabilities:
    • You can feel more confident that you are meeting all legal requirements.
  • Enjoy free publicity:
  • Attract knowledgeable customers:
    • Clean Marinas are aesthetically pleasing facilities and you can attract responsible clientele that will follow good boating practices.
  • Improve water quality and aquatic habitat:
    • Your marina and the boating industry depend on clean waters and a healthy aquatic environment for continued success.
  • Demonstrate that your marina is a good steward of the environment:
    • IDEM will distribute a special flag and sign for Clean Marinas to display. Your Clean Marina will be allowed to use the Indiana Clean Marina logo on its letterhead and other publications.

How to Become an Indiana Clean Marina

To be certified as an Indiana Clean Marina, marina owners and/or operators must:

  1. Read the Indiana Clean Marina Guidebook.
  2. Conduct a self-assessment using the Clean Marina Program Designation Checklist to determine if their marina qualifies for Clean Marina status.
  3. Submit the completed Clean Marina Program Designation Checklist.
  4. Meet all federal and state laws that pertain to the facility. Confidential compliance and technical assistance is available to identify any compliance concerns and get answers on how to achieve compliance.
  5. Implement at least 80 percent of the best management practices that apply to their facility.
  6. Read, complete, and mail in the Indiana Clean Marina Pledge.
  7. Encourage recreational boaters to be stewards of Indiana’s waters.

Indiana Clean Marinas must recertify annually and have their best management practices confirmed through an IDEM site visit at least every three years to retain their certification.

Resources for Marina Owners and Managers

Consult the Indiana Clean Marina Guidebook for more information about this program. Many additional resources for marina managers are available. For further assistance, contact IDEM.

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