February 2016: New 2016 Federal Reporting Requirements For Owners of Emergency Engines

Owners of emergency engines with a maximum engine power of more than 100 horsepower (HP), which are operated or contractually obligated to be available more than 15 hours/year for emergency demand response, voltage or frequency deviations, or local reliability (as specified in 40 CFR §63.6640(f), §60.4211(f), and §60.4243(d)), must now submit an annual report to U.S. EPA.

The report, due March 31, 2016, is to be submitted electronically through the Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI), accessed through U.S. EPA’s Central Data Exchange. It must cover the prior year’s operations and include the information specified in 40 CFR §63.6650(h) (for stationary emergency RICEs), §60.4214(d) (for compression ignition engines), or §60.4245(e) (for spark-ignition engines). More information on the report is available on U.S. EPA’s Stationary Internal Combustion Engines page.