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Printing is a high-tech, graphics-based industry utilizing state-of-the-art technology to produce a wide range of products for a variety of consumer and industrial markets. Printers utilize a number of production processes, including sheet fed lithographic, web offset lithographic, flexographic, screen, rotogravure, inkjet, and digital printing.

Commercial printers include establishments engaged in commercial printing on purchased stock materials, such as stationery, invitations, labels, and similar items, on a job-order basis.

Commercial printing can be part of a manufacturing process of plastics foil, coated paper bags, packaging, plastics film (coated and laminated), corrugated and solid fiber boxes and plastic foam products.

On December 2, 2009, Indiana published new Volatile Organic Compound Reasonably Available Control Technology (VOC RACT) rules for Lake and Porter counties. These new rules are located at 326 IAC 8-16, Offset Lithographic Printing and Letterpress Printing.

In partnership with the Great Lakes Graphic Association (GLGA), Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, and Printing Industries of America (PIA), a webinar was presented on April 20, 2011 and the Indiana Air Pollution Control Compliance Kit for Lithographic Printing Operations (also known as the “Compliance Toolkit”) was made available to Indiana printers located in Lake and Porter counties who may be affected by 326 IAC 8-16.

The Compliance Toolkit provides recordkeeping and certification forms, guidance including examples on how to determine VOC emissions, a copy of 326 IAC 8-16 as well as answers to many questions. It aids individual printing operations in determining if they are subject to the rule and how to demonstrate compliance. Forms found within the guide will help printers comply with the recordkeeping requirements of these rules.

In 1999, IDEM partnered with GLGA (formally Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association (PII)) as well as several Indiana printers to develop and publish the Compliance and Pollution Prevention Guidebook for Indiana Printers. Additionally, IDEM has been a participant in several National Environmental Health & Safety Conferences hosted in part by PIA.

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