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Timelines for Data Solicitation and Submittals

Data may be submitted to the External Data Framework (EDF) at any time for consideration by the Office of Water Quality (OWQ) for potential use in its programs. OWQ programs can access data submitted through the EDF at different times depending on their varying needs. Two OWQ programs – the Integrated Reporting and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Programs have more specific timelines in which they review the data submitted through the EDF.

Regardless of when they are submitted, all data sets are reviewed by OWQ and ranked for their potential use by OWQ programs. These data and their associated quality assurance information can be accessed by other programs within IDEM or the public by request to the Secondary Data Coordinator.

Integrated Reporting for Clean Water Act Sections 305(b) and 303(d)

OWQ’s Integrated Reporting Program solicits data for its 305(b) assessment and 303(d) listing processes every two years. These solicitations follow OWQ’s nine-year rotating monitoring, assessment and reporting schedule and focus on the next basin to be assessed.

While the goal of OWQ’s solicitation is to obtain as much data as possible to support it assessments in that basin, all data submitted to the EDF regardless of where they were collected are considered for potential use in its assessment and listing processes in a given reporting cycle. These assessments are generally based on data collected in the most recent five years. However, OWQ will consider all data available through the EDF for potential use in assessments.

Basins Water Quality Data Assessed for the Basin Results Published in Indiana's Integrated Report and 303(d) List Indiana’s Major River Basins
Ohio River Tributaries 2020 2022 Indiana’s Major River Basins
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White River, West Fork Basin 2021
Patoka River Basin 2022 2024
White River, East Fork Basin 2023
Great Miami River Basin (Whitewater River) 2024 2026
Upper Wabash River Basin 2025
Lower Wabash River Basin 2026 2028
Upper Illinois River Basin 2027
Great Lakes Basin 2028 2030

The timeline for submission of data for use in TMDLs varies. Separate solicitations are conducted for each TMDL as part of the OWQ’s TMDL development. As such, solicitations are targeted to those watersheds in which TMDL development is planned.

To determine whether your data set may be useful in the development of a TMDL you will need to consult the TMDL development schedule online or contact the Secondary Data Coordinator.

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