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Characteristics of a Hoosier Water Guardian

IDEM has been recognizing systems with successful source water protection programs since 2008. Hoosier Water Guardian Award winners have motivated local planning teams and demonstrate they are going above and beyond the state’s minimum requirements for wellhead protection. Some of the unique and effective strategies they have implemented to prevent contamination at the source, include:

  1. Passing local wellhead protection ordinances
  2. Conducting additional raw water quality monitoring
  3. Reviewing construction projects within their Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA)
  4. Conducting educational workshops for auto body shops and other industries
  5. Promoting and performing the proper sealing of abandoned wells located within their WHPA
  6. Removing hazardous materials from areas within their WHPA
  7. Publishing newspaper articles to educate tenants and property owners
  8. Participating in school and community environmental events
  9. Promoting proper disposal of household hazardous wastes and other solid wastes
  10. Enrolling adjacent crop lands in the Federal Conservation Reserve Program
  11. Preparing for emergency situations by doing regular training with emergency responders, installing generators, making connections with other nearby water supplies and joining INWARN
  12. Activities and efforts that help to protect your communities WHPA

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