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Monitoring to Provide Early Detection of Contamination

Monitoring for contamination can help your community to detect problems when they are small and be able to act on the offence to address the source of the problem. (ex: a contamination plume that is heading towards your wellfield) and take action to address the contamination before it becomes an emergency.

Two possible methods you may choose to monitor your public water supply wells are:

  • Test raw water, especially if blending water from multiple wells
    • Raw water sampling is important in order to ensure that you are aware of the water quality from each well that your community depends on for its drinking water needs.
    • See if issues are coming from you wells or from your system.
    • Problems at individual wells may be masked or diluted by blending water causing an issue to grow unnoticed (ex: Chloroform or VOCs).
  • Install groundwater monitoring wells between potential sources and the municipal well field
    • Detect contamination before it reaches your wellfield.

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