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Independent Closure Process

The State Cleanup Program has an Independent Closure Process (ICP) to address the backlog of low priority sites and medium priority sites contaminated with only petroleum or petroleum constituents. The ICP involves a self-completion and certification system that allows parties responsible for site remediation to complete investigation, remediation, and site closure without IDEM’s direct oversight.

The requirements for closure approval include:

  • Delineation of contamination in all source areas to the Remediation Closure Guide [PDF] residential screening levels.
  • Cleanup to land-use appropriate Remediation Closure Guide screening levels as set forth in the ICP Guidance referenced below.
  • Implementation of institutional controls.
  • Submittal of complete and accurate documentation to IDEM within one year from the time of notification to proceed with the ICP.

The timeline to achieve closure may be extended to a maximum of three years from the time of notification if the site has ground water contamination that requires treatment and monitoring to achieve closure goals. The reduction of direct oversight by IDEM does not relieve the responsible parties or consultants from the legal requirements of reporting releases and conducting investigation and cleanup.

The ICP Guidance [PDF] and the Independent Closure Process fact sheet (on the IDEM Fact Sheets page) provide more information.

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