Remedy Selection and Implementation Guidance

Office of Land Quality (OLQ) staff created the following IDEM guidance documents to help identify cleanup methods, technologies, or other tactics to use at contaminated sites in Indiana.

Engineering Documents

  • Engineering References for Environmental Remediation [PDF]:
    • This document contains a list of non-IDEM engineering references. It is not comprehensive, but serves as a general starting point for the most common engineering subjects reviewed by OLQ. The use of any reference in this list does not preapprove or prequalify a remediation-related proposal as valid, and does not necessarily accelerate, expedite, or change OLQ administrative or technical review procedures.
  • Engineering Controls:
    • This webpage provides guidance on three physical methods of reducing exposure to residual contamination.

Institutional Controls

  • Institutional Controls:
    • This webpage details legal or administrative measures that minimize the potential for human exposure to contamination and protect the environment by restricting property activity, use, or access when risk-based cleanups result in residual contamination being left on-site or when site cleanup has not yet occurred.

Remediation Technologies

Vapor Intrusion