How This Affects You

Animal Farmers

If you are planning to operate or start construction or expansion of a confined feeding operation (CFO) or a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO), IDEM can help guide you through the requirements of Indiana’s Confined Feeding Program. Let’s work together so your farm operates in a manner that meets the requirements and protects Hoosiers and our environment. We encourage you to contact us for help and to check out our resources, including the Guidance Manual for Indiana’s Confined Feeding Program [PDF].

Indiana Citizens

IDEM wants Indiana citizens to be informed and get the information and assistance they need to address any issues they might have with CFOs or CAFOs. Please review what IDEM regulates to learn what IDEM has the authority to regulate. The section also lists issues that are outside of IDEM’s control and entities that address those issues.

If IDEM receives a permit application from a farmer who wants to build a CFO or CAFO, the farmer is required to notify all residents within a one-half mile radius of the proposed farm location, adjoining property owners, and the county commissioners. You can write the IDEM permit manager and state your thoughts about the proposal. You also may write your local zoning officials and state legislators. The IDEM Public Notices page provides listings of all agency public notices. If a CFO or CAFO applies for an NPDES Individual Permit under 327 Indiana Administrative Code 15-16, IDEM will issue a public notice for the draft permit. Under the Confined Feeding Operation Rule, 327 Indiana Administrative Code 19 [PDF], an application for a CFO Approval does not require IDEM to post a formal public notice of the draft or final CFO Approval. If IDEM receives enough requests, it may schedule a public hearing or hold an informal informational meeting for the public.

The Citizens’ Guide to IDEM provides general information on public participation. The Public Notification, Comment Periods, and Appeals section of IDEM’s Guidance Manual for Indiana’s Confined Feeding Program [PDF] describes how public comments can be submitted during the application review and how the public is informed of the final decision. It also explains how the final decision may be appealed.

Please contact us if you need assistance, want to file a complaint, or witness a spill or environmental emergency that should be reported.