Public Records

If you need public records on confined feeding operations or concentrated animal feeding operations in Indiana, you can request them from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Office of Records Management. This office is responsible for managing and maintaining the agency’s physical and virtual files and responding to public records requests according to the Access to Public Records Act (Indiana Code 5-14-3).

To provide enhanced access to public records, IDEM maintains the Virtual File Cabinet (VFC), an online repository for a vast amount of the agency’s public records. If you should need to view records, have records copied, or have problems locating documents in the VFC, please make a records request using the IDEM Request for Public Record (State Form 55542) that is available in the Agency Forms section on the IDEM Forms page. A request may be submitted via email, facsimile, U.S. Mail, or in person:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Records Management
100 North Senate Avenue IGCN 1207
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Visitors to IDEM’s Office of Records Management may use the agency’s public access computers to view agency records, including those located in the Underground Leaking, Community Right-to-Know, and Emergency Response System database. The Office of Records Management is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (EST), with the exception of Indiana state holidays.