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Asbestos License Online Renewal Training Series: Individual Renewal

Asbestos License Online Renewal Training Series: Individual Renewal


Please enter your log-in id and the password. Click on Login to continue.

Helpful Information: For questions regarding user ids or passwords, call the Asbestos Licensing Program at 317 233 3861 and ask to speak to a member of the asbestos licensing staff.

In the upper left hand corner, click on Renew License to continue.

Select the type of asbestos license to be renewed and click on Continue next to the selected license.

Helpful Information: To renew more than one license, a separate login is required for each license renewal.

This page confirms that the asbestos license is eligible for online renewal. The total license fee amount is also provided. Please note that an online processing fee is now part of the total fee. The processing fee is paid to the provider of the online service and the credit card company.

Next, an applicant is given an asbestos refresher training course reminder. An applicant must have completed an Indiana-approved refresher training course in the discipline for which he or she is seeking a renewal. The eighteen month (18) lapse rule is provided at the bottom of the page.

Helpful Information: For questions at this point concerning the Indiana asbestos program, click on the IDEM-Asbestos web link located on this page. The IDEM site contains the asbestos regulations, guidance documents, downloadable forms, and a search feature to find and verify the current license status of individuals, contractors, and training course providers. Click on Next Step to continue.

This page displays the applicant’s current information on file Personal information should be reviewed carefully and updated as needed. Part of the information displayed on this page will be printed on the renewed license.

Helpful Information: It is very important that the mailing address displayed is correct. The agency will send correspondence and deliver the license via the U.S. Postal Service. An individual license is usually mailed one (1) or two (2) business days from the completed online renewal date. Click on Go to Next Step to proceed.

This screen asks for refresher course information. Enter the training certificate number, the name of the training course provider, and the date the training was taken. After entering the information, click Next Step to proceed? If changes need to be made click on Edit Link to go back and make corrections?

Helpful Information: To enter the training date, use the form MM/YYYY (Example 10/2010 for October 2010). Click on the word “Calendar”, highlight the calendar date, then click the bottom of the calendar. The date is entered automatically on the form. If the information is correct, click Next Step to proceed. If changes need to be made, click on Edit Link to go back and make corrections.

Now certify that the required Indiana approved refresher course has been completed. Answer “Yes” in the drop-down box on the right side of the page. Click on “Submit Answer” to continue.

Helpful Information: If an applicant answers “No”, they will need to call the Asbestos Licensing Program at 317-233-3861 and ask to speak to a member of the asbestos licensing staff.

This page contains a summary of all the applicant information entered so far. Please review the information closely to confirm the information is correct and current. Once satisfied with the information entered click on Pay Fees & Submit at the bottom of the page to proceed.

This page displays the amount of the state license renewal fee. Keep in mind the license renewal fee amount does not include the online processing fee. The online processing fee will be added on the final payment summary page.

Enter credit or debit card information to complete the renewal process.

Helpful Information: Please use the correct format when entering the card expiration date. For example, enter 02/2010, not 02/10.

Helpful Information: The online payment must be made with a credit card issued from any of the following card companies: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. A bank debit card is also accepted. Click on Submit to continue.

Helpful Information: If the card is declined, please contact the card company or bank who issued the card. They will be able to provide assistance to determine why the card was declined.

This page summarizes the total fee charges for the online renewal. Note that the processing fee is broken down into two parts: an enhanced access fee and the instant access fee. The enhanced fee goes to the internet service provider of this site. The instant access fee goes to the credit or debit card company to process the online transaction. To accept the fee amount, click on I Agree to continue.

This is the receipt page. It is a summary of all the transaction details that have been completed during the online renewal. The page can be printed, saved to a computer, or simply closed. The online payment will appear on a credit card statement as “State of IN wwwingov”. If an email address has been entered on the license application form, a confirmation email will be sent automatically to the applicant confirming the renewal. The license will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service within 24 hours of the online renewal date. The applicant can allow one or two days to pass then visit the Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) web site at www.in.gov/PLA to verify their asbestos license online. Thank you for your participation and interest in the online asbestos license renewal process.

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