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Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

The IDEM vehicle emissions testing program was instituted to reduce pollutants released into the air from mobile sources like cars. Both motor vehicle exhaust and gasoline vapors contribute to the formation of ground level ozone. When breathed, ground level ozone can trigger a variety of health problems for sensitive people of all ages but especially young children and the elderly. Ecosystems and delicate plant life can also be harmed by ground level ozone. The vehicle emissions testing Clean Air Car Check Program has served the public well by identifying vehicles that emit harmful pollutants. Once repaired, these vehicles not only pollute less but often experience better performance and fuel economy. The vehicle emissions testing program is currently helping those in Northwest Indiana breathe cleaner air.

Vehicle Testing Information

If you are a motorist in Lake County or Porter County, Indiana and need information regarding having your vehicle emission tested, please click here to access the Clean Air Car Check website.

General Information about the Indiana Emission Testing Program

If you are a state or local agency seeking general information about the vehicle emission testing program operating in Lake and Porter counties, Indiana, please contact the following Indiana Department of Environmental Management staff:

Technical Issues and Operations, Customer Service Issues, Contract Information or Compliance Issues

If you have questions, comments, or need additional information, contact the Office of Air Quality.