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Lead (Pb) Data Map

Lead (Pb) Data Map

Lead (Pb) is a metal that is both naturally occurring and found in manufactured products, and is also one of the six “criteria” pollutants regulated under the federal Clean Air Act (CAA). Sources of lead include smelters, mining operations, waste incinerators, battery recycling, and the production of lead shot and fishing sinkers. Lead is also released by burning coal, oil, or solid waste. Lead-based paint may also be present in older homes. It is toxic to both humans and animals, with small children being at the highest risk for lead poisoning.

IDEM operates eight non-continuous Lead monitoring sites that measure total particulate matter over a 24 hour period based on a six-day sampling schedule. The filters are then analyzed for Lead content. This non-continuous Lead data is available interactively on the map and the table:

Burns Harbor - Port of Indiana
East Chicago - E. 135th St.
East Chicago - Marina
Gary - 4th Ave.
Hammond - 141st St.
Indpls - Rockville Rd.
Indpls - Washington Park
Muncie - Mt. Pleasant Blvd.
Lead Monitor Sites
County City Site
Delaware Muncie Muncie - Mt. Pleasant Blvd.
Lake East Chicago East Chicago - E. 135th St.
Lake East Chicago East Chicago - Marina
Lake Hammond Hammond - 141st St.
Lake Gary Gary - 4th Ave.
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - Rockville Rd.
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - Washington Park
Porter Burns Harbor - Port of Indiana

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