Asbestos Waste Handling Requirements

Asbestos Removal Requirements for Demolition or Renovation Activities

Determining What Asbestos Handling and Disposal Requirements You Might Be Subject To

All facilities (except residential buildings that have (4) four or fewer dwelling units) must be inspected by an Indiana licensed asbestos inspector prior to the commencement of demolition or renovation activities.

If the inspector finds the presence of (RACM) regulated asbestos-containing material (asbestos that may be in danger of becoming airborne) in the areas where the demolition or renovation operation will occur then the demolition, renovation, or asbestos removal activities must be performed in accordance with the proper notification and emission control requirements outlined in 326 IAC 14-10 as well as those in the Federal Register Title 40 CFR 61, Subpart M (61.140 - 61.157).

Even if no asbestos is present in the facility, proper notification of demolition or renovation activity requirements must still be followed.

Homeowners are exempt from notification and removal requirements but not all disposal requirements. For more information, see this guidance document on asbestos waste disposal for homeowners [PDF].

Demolition & Renovation -- What's the difference?

Demolition is the wrecking or taking out of any load-supporting structures of a facility or the intentional burning of any facility, while renovation is the altering of a facility or one (1) or more of a facility's components in any way, including the stripping or removal of regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM) from a facility component.

Notification Requirements

Varying notification and emission control procedures must be followed depending on the reasons/cause for demolition or renovation and on the amount and type of asbestos found at the site of demolition or renovation.

If no asbestos is found where a renovation activity will occur, the owner or operator does not need to notify IDEM before beginning the activity. Additionally, the following renovation projects involving small-scale RACM removal are exempt from notification requirements:

  1. Renovation projects involving the removal of less than 260 linear feet of RACM off of pipes,
  2. Renovation projects involving the removal of less than 160 square feet off of other facility components, and
  3. Renovation projects involving the removal of less than 35 cubic feet of RACM off of all facility components.

If no asbestos is found where a demolition activity will occur, the owner or operator must still notify IDEM within 10 working days of the activity.

To obtain a notification form, go to the IDEM Forms page, or call (317) 232-4861, or email

For any demolition project (or renovation project > 25 LnFt, 15 SqFt, or 35 CuFt) in Marion County the City of Indianapolis must also be notified using the same form. The notice must include among other things:

  • Contact information of facility owner/operator and the demolition contractor;
  • Location of the facility;
  • Type of operation: demolition, demolition by intentional burning, ordered demolition, renovation, emergency renovation, or planned nonscheduled renovation;
  • Description of the facility or affected part of the facility, including the size in square feet, number of floors, age, and present and prior use of the facility;
  • Scheduled starting and completion dates for renovation or demolition;
  • Description of the techniques and methods that will be used for demolition or renovation activities; and
  • Provide the name, address, phone number, and license number of the person who inspected the facility for RACM.

If asbestos is found where the demolition or renovation activity will occur, in most instances, the operator of the activity must provide the notification information above as well as additional information, some of which may include (but not limited to):

  • Estimate of the approximate amount of RACM to be removed in the facility;
  • Description of work practices and engineering controls to be used to ensure proper RACM removal and proper waste handling and control;
  • Name and location of the waste disposal site where the asbestos-containing waste material will be deposited; and
  • A signed certification from the owner or operator that the information provided in the notification is correct and that only Indiana Licensed workers and project supervisors will be used to implement the asbestos removal project.

Asbestos Compliance

Some of the Things Those Wishing to Remove Asbestos Must do to Comply with the Asbestos Emissions Control Standards include (but are not limited to):

While the specific requirements and standards for proper emission control of asbestos demolition and renovation operations may differ depending on the reason/cause for demolition or renovation and on the amount and type of asbestos found at the site, much of the following will apply:

  • Remove all RACM from the facility being demolished or renovated before any activity begins that would break up, dislodge, or similarly disturb the material or preclude access to the material from subsequent removal;
  • Ensure that all RACM exposed during removal is adequately wetted or provide alternatives to control asbestos emissions, such as a local exhaust ventilation and collection systems;
  • After wetting, all asbestos-containing waste material shall be sealed in leak tight packaging while wet and shall be labeled and disposed of properly;
  • For any stripped or removed friable asbestos-containing materials (asbestos or asbestos containing materials that are readily crumbled, and therefore capable of becoming airborne) that are left at the facility or stored elsewhere prior to disposal, store such material in a secure manner so that it cannot be vandalized or otherwise disturbed; and
  • Asbestos projects implemented in Indiana facilities must be done by Indiana licensed asbestos contractors.

Some of the Things an Owner/Operator of an Asbestos Removal Project Must Do to Comply with Disposal Requirements include (but are not limited to):

Nonasbestos containing material and limited nonfriable asbestos (asbestos that has a low probability of becoming airborne if disturbed) containing material may be disposed of by normal means, such as in a construction demolition landfill. However, RACM is subject to special disposal requirements such as:

  • Ensure that there are no discharges of visible air emissions during the collection, processing, packaging, transportation, or disposal process;
  • Properly mark vehicles used to transport asbestos containing waste material;
  • Place all RACM in leak tight containers with proper labels;
  • Fill out the Asbestos Waste Shipment/Disposal Record [PDF] for each shipment; and
  • RACM must be disposed of in a state permitted municipal solid waste landfill [PDF] (Permitted Solid Waste Facilities Map - look for municipal solid waste landfills).

Who May Need Licensed or a Permit for Asbestos Removal?

Those involved in the business of removing asbestos must obtain a license from IDEM to work in Indiana.

For asbestos removal projects in Marion County the City of Indianapolis must be notified and permits obtained. Permits are not required for owners doing the work themselves on single family residences, but the City still must be notified.

  • City of Indianapolis: (317) 327-2251

Those engaging in Asbestos removal projects are encouraged to contact their health departments to ensure that any local ordinances governing asbestos are being followed.

What to Expect

Notifications are reviewed for timeliness/completeness and if the notices are not timely/complete a warning letter is sent to the individual who submitted the notice.

There is a $50 asbestos demolition/renovation fee for those projects involving less than 2,600 linear feet of friable asbestos containing materials on pipes, or 1,600 square feet or 400 cubic feet of friable asbestos containing material on other facility components. Demolition or renovation projects involving greater than these amounts of friable asbestos must pay a fee of $150. IDEM bills owners/operators who submit asbestos demolition/renovation notifications on a quarterly basis.

For Additional Information

To learn more about asbestos handling and emission control requirements contact:

  • Asbestos Environmental Manager: (317) 233-6880 or (888) 574-8150 (Toll Free)

For more information on proper asbestos disposal contact:

  • Asbestos Environmental Manager: Phone: (317) 308-3008

For information on the protection of employees from airborne asbestos in the workplace contact the Indiana Department of Labor:

  • Phone: (317) 232-2688 (ask to speak with a Consulting Industrial Hygienist)

Asbestos technical guidance documents:

The following asbestos documents are available on the IDEM Nonrule Policies page:

  • Asbestos Accreditation/Licensing Review Policy (NPD-Air-004)
  • Current Operating Policy for IDEM-Administered Asbestos Examinations (NPD-Air-019)

See also: Asbestos Licensing Requirements