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Public Participation

There are several ways to participate in the air permit review process:

  • Permits Mailing List:
    • The Office of Air Quality (OAQ) maintains a mailing list of people who have asked to be notified of permit activity. You can request to be notified of permit actions related to either a specific source, or for all permit activity in a certain county. To be put on the mailing list, call OAQ at (800) 451-6027, option 4. Ask for the "Permits Administration Section".
  • Public Hearings:
    • One way to participate in the air permit review process is to attend a public hearing. Public hearings are held by request on draft permits. The purpose of a hearing is to provide an opportunity for citizens to submit formal comments on the draft permit. Dates and times of public hearings are listed on the IDEM News and Events Calendar.
  • Citizens’ Guide to IDEM:
    • The Citizens’ Guide to IDEM [PDF] describes the agency’s permitting and environmental cleanup programs. It explains the basic processes that occur once IDEM receives a permit application, becomes aware of a contaminated site, or is directed by law to develop a rule. The guide details how citizens can participate when IDEM makes decisions about issuing permits, conducting cleanup actions, preparing environmental reports and plans, and writing environmental rules. Additional resources in the guide lead to other government agencies that may have authority over activities that IDEM does not regulate.

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