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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Section develops and maintains the air monitoring quality assurance program for Indiana. The quality assurance program involves site selection, monitoring equipment selection, audit/calibration equipment and procedures, sampling procedures, data validation, chain-of-custody, data reporting, precision/accuracy reporting, and meteorological monitoring issues with a primary focus on ambient air quality monitoring. (See Quality Assurance Section Functions for additional information.)

Indiana's Quality Assurance program is described in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Office of Air Quality (OAQ), Quality Assurance Manual (QAM). This document endeavors to address ambient monitoring and quality assurance issue requirements in a user friendly format and it is used as guidance for all air monitoring networks operating in Indiana. By providing common guidance and requirements, data from throughout the state can be compared with confidence.

View the complete OAQ Quality Assurance Manual (QAM):

A PDF file of the complete QA Manual is located in Virtual File Cabinet under document number 80642375.

Quality Assurance Functions

  • Develop, revise, and interpret OAQ QA policies and procedures:
    • IDEM OAQ Quality Assurance Manual
    • SOPs/COPs
    • Methods
  • Expand public access to Air Monitoring Branch information:
    • Implement and maintain web pages to provide air quality information and agency contact information via Internet and Intranet
    • Generate CD and computer disk reference information
  • Assist industries and consultants in developing QA documentation and provide answers to air monitoring technical questions
  • Ensure that all personnel involved in environmental data operations have access to any training or the QA information needed to be knowledgeable in QA requirements, protocols, and technology of that activity
  • Conduct pre and post sampling filter weighing activities
  • Schedule and implement technical systems audits
  • Perform data quality assessments (precision and accuracy) and report to U.S. EPA
  • Ensure that environmental data operations are covered by appropriate QA planning documentation (e.g., QA project plans and data quality objectives):
    • Review Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP)
    • Perform a QA network evaluation
  • Perform QA audits on field instrumentation
  • Produce ongoing QA information summaries throughout the monitoring season:
    • PM10 failure summary
    • Quarterly P&A evaluation report
    • Site inspection - Safety and operation reports
    • Air Monitoring Annual Report for the AMB Chief and the OAQ Assistant Commissioner
  • Perform QA checks on data
  • Maintain and operate a quality assurance certification facility:
    • Maintain or replace monitoring and calibration equipment
    • Generate certification paperwork, letters and file results
    • Maintain NIST standards traceability or traceability to standard references
  • Coordinate U.S. EPA interlaboratory program in Indiana including IDEM participation

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