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If your business operations produce waste gasses or particles that are released to the air, you may need some type of permit from IDEM's Office of Air Quality. The level of permit required depends on your potential emissions. Visit the links here to learn about the various air permit programs managed by IDEM, and please contact our staff to discuss your specific plans for details about permitting requirements. Working with IDEM to obtain the correct permit will help you stay in compliance with environmental regulations. Failing to apply for an IDEM permit, or operating without the correct type of permit, are violations.  


  • Air Quality Permit Status Search:
    • Indiana's Air Quality Permit Status Search is a new search method to access air permit status information as well as view and download actual permit documents. This new method is linked directly to IDEM's Office of Air Quality permit tracking system to provide information on permit review activities for sources in Indiana. Search for permits by a combination of source name, county, permit type, SIC code, permit milestone dates, and permit ID. 
  • Air Program: Fee Changes:
  • Air Permits Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Indiana has prepared a list of frequently asked permitting questions. If you have a permitting question, check to see if we've already answered it in this FAQ.

External Resources

  • U.S. EPA Pending and Issued Permits and Compliance Reports
  • The Proof is in the Permit (Currently Unavailable):
    • "How to Make Sure a Facility in Your Community gets an Effective Title V Air Pollution Permit", The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) has written a manual specifically to help citizens understand the Title V Permit Review Process.
  • U.S. EPA Commitment to Public Involvement (Currently Unavailable):
    • U.S. EPA is working to increase public involvement in all its programs, and has developed information to assist the public in understanding the different types of public involvement opportunities across the Agency.

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