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What Is A Complete Application?

Generally, a complete air permit application is one that:

  • Fulfills regulatory requirements for timeliness, proper notifications, etc.
  • Includes all required, source-specific information such as name, location, contacts, maps, process flow diagrams, and source and operation descriptions
  • Adequately describes source units and emissions
  • Provides source-wide potential emissions in tons per year for each regulated pollutant
  • Provides a construction schedule, if applicable
  • Provides all data, methodology, assumptions and calculations used to determine potential to emit (PTE)
  • Contains a complete list of equipment, processes that emit air pollutants, including sources of fugitive emissions. (Fugitive emissions are those emissions that could not reasonably pass through a stack, chimney, vent or other functionally equivalent opening.)
  • For each emission unit description, includes: identification number; date of construction; operation or activity description, including material processed (if applicable) and application methods; maximum operating capacity or throughput; identification of stack or vent through which emissions are exhausted; control device description(s); and estimate of PTE for each identified unit or process
  • Has been signed by the responsible official or the authorized individual (according to the applicable rules for the permit level)
  • Identifies the type of approval being sought (such as new, renewal, transition, administrative amendment, or modification)
  • Identifies all applicable federal and/or state rules, and selected compliance methods, if applicable

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