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Automobile Refinishing

Indiana’s Automobile Refinishing Rule has requirements for the control of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from paints and solvents. VOCs in paints and solvents can evaporate into the atmosphere. VOCs are air pollutants that can cause ozone to form at ground level.

The rule applies to body shops and repair shops that paint cars, paint makers, and paint suppliers. For example:

  • Auto body shops that refinish the equivalent of more than three motor vehicles per year must:
    • Use low VOC coatings,
    • Follow work practice standards to reduce emissions, and
    • Comply with record keeping and employee training requirements.
  • Paint manufacturers and suppliers must provide product information.

The rule includes exemptions for the application of aerosol coatings, graphic design, and touch-up coatings.

More information:

The Office of Air Quality provides compliance assistance upon request.

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