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About Air Compliance and Enforcement

Air compliance and enforcement staff oversee the compliance of stationary, asbestos, and mobile sources. They conduct inspections and review records and reports such as quarterly and semi-annual reports, Annual Compliance Certifications, and asbestos notifications. The staff also:

  • Respond to air pollution complaints
  • Review, observe, and approve stack testing
  • Review and observe continuous emissions and opacity monitoring (CEMS/COMS)
  • Take appropriate enforcement actions to resolve serious or repeat noncompliance and ensure long-term compliance

Enforcement activities may include issuing formal documents (Notice of Violation, Agreed Order, Commissioner’s Order) and working with responsible parties to negotiate compliance schedules and penalty settlements.

The staff also:

What the Air Compliance and Enforcement Branch Does Not Oversee

Indiana’s Lead-Based Paint Program
Indoor Air Quality, Including Mold
Pesticides Application (Including but Not Limited to Herbicides and Insecticides)

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