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Dry Cleaner and Laundry Dataset

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Office of Land Quality (OLQ) has compiled information from historical and current city directories, business directories, and telephone books to create a dry cleaner and laundry (DCaL) dataset.

Waelz Sustainable Products, LLC

Information and documents related to the Waelz Sustainable Products, LLC New Source Construction and Part 70 Operating Permit are available on the IDEM Public Notices: Northern Indiana page.

ArcelorMittal Fish Kill

Information and documents related to the August 2019 fish kill are available on the IDEM Water Quality in Indiana site.

Emergency Spill Response: Selecting a Spill Contractor and Spill Contractor Map

When spills occur, it is imperative that prompt actions are taken to protect human health, the environment, and property. These actions often require the expertise of specialized professionals who are trained and equipped to respond to environmental emergencies. To help expedite the containment and cleanup of spills, IDEM has developed two new webpages: Selecting a Spill Contractor and the Spill Contractor Map.

The spill contractor map is specific to spill response contractors servicing Indiana and is not intended to include other services such as environmental consulting, permitting, or industrial hygiene. If your company specializes in emergency spill response, you may complete the Spill Response Contractor Form to be added to the map.

If you have questions please contact IDEM Emergency Response (317-308-3038, emergencyresponse@idem.IN.gov).


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