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Updated: 07/09/2018

Positions Closing: July 28, 2018

Technical Environmental Specialist: Office of Water Quality

Candidate will be a lead member of the Office of Water Quality. Person will work independently and in team settings supporting the Office with various programs and projects including rules development; assumption of 404; conversion of general permits; budgeting, outreach, etc. Incumbent is also responsible for supporting the Office and Agency priorities and plans.

Senior Environmental Manager: Office of Water Quality Surface Water, Operations and Enforcement Branch

This Senior Environmental Manager (SEM 1) position will reside within the Operations Section, in the Surface Water, Operations and Enforcement Branch, of the Office of Water Quality. This is a senior technical position must be knowledgeable in all water programs under the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Wetland Program Development, Nonpoint Source Implementation, Ground Water Section 106, Watershed Monitoring and Water Quality Planning. This position must have contract and grant writing skills, experienced in budgeting, knowledgeable in State and Federal financial systems and an overall ability to express complex issues in a reasonable and understandable manner to achieve agency goals.

Positions Closing: July 27, 2018

Senior Environmental Manager: Office of Water Quality Targeted Monitoring Section

This Senior Environmental Manager 1 position is in the Targeted Monitoring Section of the Watershed Assessment and Planning Branch in the Office of Water Quality. This position functions as the project manager for the cyanobacteria and diatom identification and enumeration projects and acts as the Indiana lakes coordinator. This position may also be responsible for planning, coordinating, and conducting a variety of chemical, biological, limnological and ecological studies in rivers, streams and lakes, and be able to interpret the results for state regulatory programs, lake classification programs, special investigations and the public. May perform field work in a variety of challenging conditions in all seasons of the year. Performs laboratory and office duties relevant to work.

Positions Closing: July 26, 2018

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Land Quality Underground Storage Tank Inspector

This Environmental Manager 2 position is located in IDEM's Northern Regional Office in South Bend, Indiana. The position is part of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance program and functions as an inspector. The position provides protection of human health and the environment through compliance monitoring/inspections to ensure that UST systems meet regulatory requirements designed to prevent releases to the environment and the early detection of releases. This includes assuring that sources are inspected; reviewing compliance submittals; responding to public complaints; providing compliance assistance; and ensuring appropriate enforcement actions are taken to bring companies back into compliance.

Positions Closing: July 20, 2018

Senior Environmental Manager: Office of Program Support Safety Program Manager

This position will serve as Safety Program Manager at the Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). The incumbent will support and assist the agency Safety Director with the administration of the agency's worker's compensation and safety and health programs. The incumbent will have primary responsibility for successful accomplishment of various activities and programs, including but not limited to, development and approval of site-specific health and safety plans, administration of the Respiratory Protection Program and acting as a liaison between IDEM Safety and the agency programs with particular emphasis on fieldwork activities.

Positions Closing: July 16, 2018

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Air Quality Air Permit Writer PR6

The purpose of this position is to perform those activities as necessary to help the Permit Review Section achieve its goals as they relate to the overall strategic goals and objectives of the Permits Branch. As such, this employee reviews applications for Air permit approvals which include MSOP, FESOP and Part 70 permits; and modifications, revisions and amendments to these permits. The employee is responsible for drafting these approvals, which includes drafting conditions that are practically enforceable and assure compliance with state and federal air pollution laws and regulations.

Senior Environmental Manager: Office of Water Quality Watershed Assessment and Planning Branch

This Senior Environmental Manager position is in the Watershed Planning and Restoration Section of the Watershed Assessment and Planning Branch in the Office of Water Quality. Incumbent will serve as the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program Team Leader. This position develops TMDLs for stream segments identified on Indiana's 303(d) list of impaired waters submitted to US EPA biennially. This positions performs water quality data analysis and modeling, TMDL document development, as well as education and outreach with local watershed stakeholders. This position is responsible for coordination of day-to-day activities of staff within the TMDL program and working with the Section Chief on identifying and implementing program improvements based on US EPA regional and national guidance.


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