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Updated: 10/17/2018

Positions Closing: October 31, 2018

Environmental Engineer: Office of Water Quality State Revolving Fund

The position incumbent coordinates and assists with the review of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) required for funding from the State Revolving Fund Loan program. The incumbent guides the loan applicant and their consultant through the technical aspects of the PER for ultimate approval.

Positions Closing: October 30, 2018

Senior Environment Manager: Office of Land Quality

This position is responsible for the administration of 327 IAC 7.1, the management of wastewater (septage) from the cleaning of sewage disposal systems and the transport, storage, treatment, and disposal including land application of wastewater (septage). The individual will review permit applications and draft new and renew existing septage permits and track compliance with permit requirements. This position is also involved in the administration of 327 IAC 6.1, the land application of biosolids, industrial waste products and pollutant-bearing water.

Positions Closing: October 29, 2018

Finance and Grant Administrator: Office of Program Support Finance Division

This position will function as the Finance & Grant Administrator for the Office of Program Support (OPS). The incumbent will manage grant administration, budgets, and purchasing transactions for OPS and the agency regional offices. The incumbent will manage budget and OPS financial transactions to ensure that budgetary goals and targets are achieved. Additionally, the incumbent will serve as the OPS liaison to the Finance Division for all budget and financial matters.

Positions Closing: October 19, 2018

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Land Quality Voluntary Remediation Program

This position provides technical and administrative oversight for sites participating in the Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). The position reports directly to the section chief, and the project manager is expected to work independently to ensure that cleanups are conducted following appropriate VRP and agency guidelines.

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Water Quality Wetland Project Manager

The position being requested is a Environmental Manager 2 located in the Wetlands and Storm Water Section of the Surface Water, Operations and Enforcement Branch, Office of Water Quality of Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

Positions Closing: October 18, 2018

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Air Quality Air Permit Writer

The purpose of this position is to perform those activities as necessary to help the Permit Review Section achieve its goals as they relate to the overall strategic goals and objectives of the Permits Branch. As such, this employee reviews applications for Air permit approvals which include MSOP, FESOP and Part 70 permits; and modifications, revisions and amendments to these permits. The employee is responsible for drafting these approvals, which includes drafting conditions that are practically enforceable and assure compliance with state and federal air pollution laws and regulations.

Positions Closing: October 17, 2018

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Water Quality Blue-Green Algae Program

IDEM is filling a Quality Assurance Officer for the External Data Framework (EDF) and a laboratory analyst for the Blue-Green Algae Monitoring Program. The Quality Assurance Officer will help implement the EDF. This position will be responsible for developing an internal review process and assigning data quality levels to external data in the EDF. This person must be familiar with Federal and EPA approved analytical test methods for the analysis of various environmental samples (water, sediments, fish tissue, etc.).


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