Agency Efficiency Metrics

Agency Efficiency Metrics Q1 2017

Agency Mission

Implement federal and state regulations to protect human health and the environment while allowing the environmentally sound operations of industrial, agricultural, commercial and government activities vital to a prosperous economy.

Department of Environmental Management

  • Commissioner Bruno L. Pigott
  • GEFP Kirke Willing

Agency Metrics

Percent of Hoosiers with clean air

Measures the percentage of Hoosiers that live in counties that meet air quality standards.

  • Q1 2017––96.7%

Percent of Hoosiers with excellent drinking water

Measures the percentage of Hoosiers that receive drinking water from facilities in full compliance with safe drinking water standards.

  • Q1 2017 –– 100%

Speed of IDEM permit decisions

Percent of statutory days used to issue permit (Air, Water and Land Permits)

  • Q1 2017 –– 53%