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NPDES Form 2D: New Sources and New Dischargers

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The following are components of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) 2D permit application package. Any discharge of pollutants into waters of the state as a point source discharge is prohibited unless in conformity with a valid NPDES permit obtained prior to the discharge. In order to avoid unnecessary effort, please read all instructions carefully before completing the application. The application must contain all the necessary items to be considered complete. If your application materials are incomplete, you will be sent a notice of deficiency (NOD) letter. An incomplete application can substantially delay processing of your application. Furthermore, an application for a new permit may be denied due to incompleteness. The 2D Application Package (State Form 51957) is available on the IDEM Forms page.

A complete application package should contain the following items:

  • Form 2D Application Package - 51957 (available on the IDEM Forms page)
  • A fifty ($50) dollar application fee

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