EC-03 - Use of Emission Credits


The purpose of EC-03 (state form 51785) is to provide information regarding the use of emission credits. Two versions of the form are available on the IDEM Forms page:

  • The Microsoft Word version of EC-04 may be completed electronically
  • The Adobe PDF version of EC-04 may be completed by hand (or typed).

EC-03 is a required form for submitting information to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Office of Air Quality (OAQ) for the Emission Credit Registry. For the purposes of this form, the term "source" refers to the plant as a whole and NOT to individual emissions units.

NOTE: Emission credits must be used in accordance with federal and state rules. Please go to the IDEM, Rules Web page for guidance and links to air quality regulations.

If you have any questions, contact the IDEM, OAQ Permit Reviewer of the Day at (317) 233-0178 or 1-800-451-6027 extension 3-0178 (toll free call within Indiana).

Copies of your air permit application packet must be submitted to IDEM, OAQ, Air Permits, Policy and Guidance (original and 2 copies), your local library (1 copy), and, if applicable, your regional office (1 copy). IDEM regional office addresses are posted on the IDEM website. The mailing address is:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Air Permits Administration
ATTN: Incoming Application
100 North Senate Avenue MC 61-53, IGCN 1003
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

Submission of Confidential Records

All information submitted to IDEM will be made available to the public unless it is submitted under a claim of confidentiality. Claim of confidentiality must be made at the time the information is submitted to IDEM, and must follow the requirements set out in 326 IAC 17.1-4-1 [PDF]. Failure to follow these requirements exactly will result in your confidential information becoming a public record, available for public inspection. To ensure that your information remains confidential, refer to the IDEM, OAQ information regarding submittal of confidential business information.

For more information on confidentiality for certain types of business information, please review IDEM's Nonrule Policy Document Air-031-NPD regarding Emission Data.

Part A: EC User Information

Part A is intended to provide basic information about the user of the emission credit(s).

EC User:

Provide the legal name of the entity that will be using the emission credit(s).

Source ID:

The source identification (ID) number consists of a three (3) digit county code and a five (5) digit source code separated by a dash (-). Sources that have been previously permitted with the OAQ should have received a source ID from our office. If you think you have a source ID, but you are not sure, contact the air permit reviewer of the day at (317) 233-0178 or 1-800-451-6027 extension 3-0178 (toll free call within Indiana).


Provide the address where the user of the emission credit(s) is located.

Name of Contact Person:

You must provide a contact person at the source, even if a consulting firm is preparing the application. The contact person cannot be the consultant.


(Optional) Provide the title or basic job description for the contact person.

Telephone Number:

Provide the telephone number for the contact person.

Facsimile Number:

(Optional) Provide the facsimile number for the contact person.

Electronic Mail Address:

(Optional) Provide the electronic mail (email) address for the contact person.

Permit Number Corresponding to the Use of Emission Credits:

Provide the number assigned to the air permit corresponding to the actions that resulted in use of emission credits. This will be the source modification in which emission credits were used to comply with applicable state or federal regulations.

Note: You will need to obtain a source modification to make physical changes to the regulated source. If you do not have such a permit, you will need to submit the appropriate application. Please go to the IDEM, OAQ application forms page for guidance and forms regarding submittal of air permit applications.

Part B: Summary of Updates to the Emission Credit Registry

Part B is intended to provide sufficient information to track the generation, transfer, and use of emission credits in order to update the Emission Credit Registry.

Date of Use:

Provide the date on which the use of emission credits took place. The default date is the issuance date of the permit authorizing the use of the emission credits for netting or emission offsets; however, the actual date of construction may also be used. If the use of credits is scheduled to be completed in the future, please provide the anticipated date when the use of credits will take place and update the Emission Credit Registry with the actual date once construction is completed.


List each pollutant for which you are requesting to use registered emission credits.


For each volatile organic compound identified, include the pollutant's reactivity.

EC Quantity:

For each pollutant, identify the number of emission credit(s) to be used in tons per year.


Provide the identification number for each emission credit. The identification numbers listed on this form must correspond to EC identification numbers in the Emission Credit Registry.