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Media Relations


Media questions or interview requests should be directed to:

Barry Sneed, Public Information Officer
Phone: (317) 232-8596
Email: bsneed@idem.in.gov

Sarah Bonick, External Relations Director
Phone: (317) 234-7786
Email: SKBonick@idem.in.gov

Ryan Clem, Director of Communications and External Relations
Phone: (317) 233-4927
Email: RClem@idem.IN.gov

Social Media

IDEM Social Media Connections

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s social media accounts are maintained by staff in an effort to inform the public about the agency’s activities, and events. Our goal is to share environmental information with the citizens of Indiana in a timely fashion and under the policy of accepting the majority of comments made to our profiles and deleting only the ones that are inaccurate, profane, or defamatory. By clicking the links below, you will be taken to a Web service that is not owned by the State of Indiana and has different terms of service, privacy and security policies. The State of Indiana is not responsible for, and does not endorse or guarantee content, availability, viewpoints, products, or services that are offered or expressed on non IN.gov portal websites.

IDEM Social Media Operational Guidelines

We understand that social media is a 24/7 medium, however, our monitoring capabilities are not. We may not see every inappropriate comment right away, and we are trusting in the maturity of our community to ignore personal attacks and negative speech or respond politely.

  • We monitor our profiles and pages but are not responsible for content generated by users. Posted comments and images do not necessarily represent the views of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). Our profiles and pages may contain links to other web sites on the Internet. This does not constitute endorsement by the IDEM.
  • We do not allow profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, nudity, defamation of character, advertising, or political campaigning on IDEM’s social media pages. Such content will be removed.
  • Comments whose main purpose are to sell a product, infringe on copyright, or spam comments, such as the same comment posted repeatedly, may also be removed.
  • If you have a question, please contact IDEM’s Media and Communications Services.
  • When interacting with other users, please be civil and follow the usage guidelines established by the social network’s terms of service.
  • The focus of the social networking opportunities is to share information about Indiana’s environment and IDEM.
  • All links posted as comments on IDEM posts will be deleted.
  • Repeated violations of this comment policy may cause the author to be blocked from IDEM’s social media pages.

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