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Indiana: ALL are welcome here

Indiana has a reputation for Hoosier Hospitality, a reputation earned by the dedication of the 140,500 travel, tourism and hospitality professionals committed to ensuring all who visit the state have a positive experience. Political disagreements and debates will never change that.

Indiana does not discriminate, and any business that did would quickly be out of business. Hoosiers would not support any business that discriminates against members of the LGBT community or any other community for that matter.

Indiana is a welcoming, caring and considerate place, and its people pride themselves on their reputation for Hoosier Hospitality. Hoosier Hospitality is far more than a slogan here; it is a way of life. There has been concern expressed by business leaders, citizens, politicians and online that Indiana is no longer hospitable or welcoming. That could not be further from the truth. Indiana’s commitment to hospitality is unwavering. I invite anyone who questions it to visit Indiana and experience it themselves.

ALL are welcome here.


Indiana Office of Tourism Development