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The first signs of recovery are showing as Indiana, and the rest of the country, begin to cautiously re-open. Several national studies show people want to escape quarantine and travel in the coming months. In the meantime, May 2020 will go in the history books as one of the most difficult months for our industry.

As I mentioned last month, there are many resources for planning for the future while enduring these difficult times. A great place to start is the IOTD Covid-19 Resource page. Links to the most recent market trends are in the Market Intelligence and Insights section of the Barometer.

Each month, I end this comment with a call to explore Indiana’s tourism experiences. As we start opening, now is the time to “vacation” locally. Throughout the shutdown, we have supported local restaurants, and now, as the state opens up, let’s get out and visit local, Indiana tourist attractions. Together, we will get through this.

Be Well and Safe travels!

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Dr. Jonathon Day
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Market Intelligence and Insights

A selection of recent marketing intelligence from around the industry…

The Indiana Office of Tourism Development has identified a wide variety of resources for tourism businesses during the Covid19 shutdown. Get the resources here.

Several Market Research companies are tracking consumer responses to the pandemic. Resources include: