Committee Membership


Michael White, Major, Indiana State Police


Stephen Luce, Executive Director, Indiana Sheriff's Association

Kevin Jowitt, Chief, Noblesville Police Department, Indiana Association of Chief's of Police

Larry Jenkins, Captain, Indiana State Police, Criminal Justice Data Division Commander

Jon Carmin, Lieutenant, Indiana State Police, Criminal Justice Information Systems Section Commander

Robert Simpson, First Sergeant, Indiana State Police, Information Technology Section Commander

Michael Paxton, Indiana State Police, CJIS Systems Agency Information Security Officer

Deborah Cook, Indiana State Police, IDACS Systems Coordinator/Area 5 Liaison

Susan Crecelius, Tippecanoe County Sheriff?s Office, Area 1 Representative

Justin Yohe, Indiana State Police Region II, Area 2 Representative

Cathy Jo Morrison, Indiana Conservation Officers Central Dispatch, Area 3 Representative

Maryann Gallagher-Little, Johnson County Communications, Area 4 Representative

Keri Brady, Hancock County Emergency Operations Center, Area 5 Representative


Mary DePrez, Director and Counsel, Indiana Supreme Court Technology Division

Kent Abernathy, Commissioner, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

David Vice, Executive Director, Indiana Public Safety Commission

Edward Reuter, Executive Director, Indiana Statewide 911 Board

Jason McIntyre, Supervisor, Indiana State Police, IDACS Support Desk

Donna Decker, Indiana State Police, Area 1 Liaison

Linda Gabbard, Indiana State Police, Area 2 Liaison

Birch Bailey, Indiana State Police, Area 3 Liaison

Kathy Davies, Indiana State Police, Area 4 Liaison