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The History

The Indiana Commission for Women is a bi-partisan advisory commission of fourteen appointed members from across the State. Established in 1992 by Executive Order and enacted as a State Commission in 1996 through the passage of Senate Bill 500, the ICW is symbolic of Indiana's commitment to improving the quality of life for women and families. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House and the Senate President Pro Tempore.

The Mission

Our mission… is to assess the needs of Indiana women and their families and to work strategically for systematic change in the way our State, our communities and our political, economic and educational spheres interact with them. The ICW is committed to the full participation of women in all areas, making Indiana a better place to live, work and raise a family.

The ICW accomplishes this mission by:

  • Identifying barriers to equality and full participation in Indiana's economy, social and political sphere.
  • Serving as a first response referral resource to women and families across the state via email, phone and written inquiries.
  • Serving as a liaison between government and private interest groups concerned with services for women. This includes having a speaker's bureau of accomplished women who speak before groups upon request.
  • Identifying and recognizing contributions made by Indiana women to their community, state and nation annually through the Torchbearer Awards event.
  • Evaluating laws and governmental policies with respect to the needs of women, monitoring legislation and other legal developments in order to make recommendations to the General Assembly and the Governor on issues concerning women.
  • Representing Indiana's commitment to improving the quality of life for women and their families and consulting with state agencies about the impact of policies and laws.

The Purpose

Our purpose…. is to foster a greater understanding of 21st century women's issues and to encourage the full participation of the women of Indiana in government, politics, business, education, the judicial system and all other aspects of life.

We will:

  • Promote women's full participation in public policy making at all levels of local, state, and national life.
  • Advocate for women the removal of legal and social barriers.
  • Represent Indiana's commitment to improve the quality of life for women and their families.

ICW Statute