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Two ‘Second Chance Law’ forums set for Evansville on Oct 17th

Evansville – The Evansville Commission on the Social Status of African American Males will host informational meetings on Thursday, Oct. 17th regarding House Bill 1482. The bill, which is more commonly known as Indiana’s “Second Chance Law”, allows individuals who qualify to petition the court to have their criminal records expunged.

The Second Chance Law is designed to assist persons who were arrested and convicted of certain crimes to conceal or expunge their criminal records in order to complete their reentry back into their community,” said James Garrett, Executive Director of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males. “The hope is this second chance will provide individuals an opportunity to fulfill their personal potential and live a productive life.”

Provided below is the time and location for each forum:

10:30 amGreater St. James Community Recreation and Education Center484 S. Governor StreetEvansville, IN 47113

5:30 pmC.K. Newsome Community Center100 Walnut StreetEvansville, IN 47713

The forums are free and open to the public. Attorneys will be present to answer questions and provide information on the guidelines, process and various legal aspects regarding the new bill. Attendees are encouraged to bring pertinent documents if they have inquiries about their personal circumstances.

Click here to view a program flyer.

For more information call (812) 436-4927 or email

The Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males studies the social conditions of the state's black male population, develop strategies to remedy or assist in remedying serious adversities, and make recommendations to improve the educational, social, economic, employment, and other circumstances for Hoosiers. The Commission serves policymakers and public interest groups, as well as the media, community organizations and members of the general public.