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Kings Feast Symposium 2K14

Kings Feast 2K14: I AM KING

INDIANAPOLIS - The Bloom Project, Inc. in partnership with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) and the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males (ICSSBM), is hosting the Kings Feast Symposium 2k14 on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at the Indiana Government Center in Downtown Indianapolis.

The prestigious event is catered toward young minority males 12-18 years of age, who are considered to be the next generation of leaders. Throughout the symposium, the young men will have the opportunity to participate in different seminars that relate to them reaching for success in every aspect of life.

A featured component of the event is the networking luncheon. This session will allow young men to connect with males in their community from various professions, along with connecting with their peers.

Click here to register. For more information about the event call (317) 758-8531 or e-mail

The mission of Bloom Project, Inc. is building youth into the next generation of future leaders in their community. They provide them with social, leadership, and financial literacy and management skills to prepare them for their roles in society. Through their programming they will learn relationship skills to decrease their involvement with substance abuse and criminal behavior. The Bloom Project, Inc. helps young men learn about the world of work, potential career paths, and the personal discipline, they will need to succeed.