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About Us

The Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males continues to address the challenges confronting Black males while trying to aid in decreasing the problems they face in the areas of Criminal Justice, Education, Employment, Health, and Social Factors. 2020 marks the twenty seventh anniversary for the Commission.  The ICSSBM has been in partnership with elected officials, community leaders, policy makers and the faith based community to serve Black males and resolve issues in these five focus areas. The Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males has produced and provided to Indiana residents publications, hosted State Conferences and facilitated National Conferences and engaged with local Commissions and grass roots organizations on targeted initiatives. The Commission seeks out opportunities to partner and enhance existing programs in communities that are working and making a difference for Black males.

Black male involvement as fathers, uncles, grandfathers, nurturers, disciplinarians, teachers, coaches, and mentors has been and is critically important to the healthy development and maturation of children. The absence of fathers in the African-American community has severely increased life risks faced by their children. In the future, the ICSSBM will focus energy, time, and resources on preventative measures to prepare young Black males to become strong men. They must be prepared to one day pass on their torches by shaping future generations to build strong character among Black males.

The Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males is committed to helping to build strong Black men. In the five focus areas, the Commission’s mission is to develop strategies and remedies to counter the negative statistics and make recommendations to improve the quality of life for Black males. Black males, must clearly understand that they have been endowed to be men of mission and leadership within the family and community. Now is the time for the Commission to accept the charge and train up the next generation of Black males to experience health, prosperity, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.