2014 Indiana Dad's Expo Recap

2014 Dads Expo helps fathers connect with their children

More than 100 fathers and other guests gathered on June 14, 2014 for the annual Dads Expo, a celebration of the vital contribution that fathers make to their children’s lives.

The attendees were a diverse group, including white, African American and Latino men. They chose from a wide variety of workshops on issues that matter to fathers and their children, such as reading, social media, drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, custodial parenting and child support.

This year the workshops included:

  • Talking to your Teenage Daughter
  • Effective Fathering in the 21st Century
  • Getting Involved in your Kids School
  • Dad’s Response to Bullying
  • Preventing Teen Suicide
  • Gangs and your Child-What a Dad Needs to Know
  • IN Law on Custody and Parental Time
  • Guiding your Child through Social Media
  • Parenting Through Divorce
  • Books on Board, Helping your Kids to Read
  • Showing Affection to your Kids
  • Scouting Skills and Fun

This year the committee chose not to have a luncheon speaker but rather gave out prizes and goodies.  Every participant was given a raffle ticket at the start of the Expo and prizes ranged from books and gift certificates to a Weber grill and two private plane rides. 

  The goal from previous Expos to facilitate collaboration beyond the event itself has been achieved with the establishment of the Indiana Coalition on Fatherhood (ICOF).  ICOF  is dedicated to the advancement of all fathers in Indiana.  ICOF plans to achieve serving fathers by providing resources, best practices and identifying funding or grant opportunities to benefit dads.    

As with the previous expos the 2014 Dads Expo:  

  • Worked to increase the productive role of fathers
  • Increase the public awareness of the importance of fathers in the positive development of their children
  • Increase the ability of fathers to be more effective parents through education and bonding
  • Facilitate cooperation between the many local and state organizations working to assist fathers

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