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Indiana’s Public Access Laws

Per IC § 5-14-3, a public school is considered a public agency. Therefore, Indiana's Public Access Laws, including the Open Door Law, apply to all charter schools.

The entire governing board of a charter school should be familiar with Indiana's Public Access Laws and develop a plan to comply with these laws. Board members must pay close attention to Open Door Law requirements, including the obligation to post advance notice of Board meetings.

The ICSB encourages governing boards to thoroughly review the Indiana Public Access Handbook maintained on the Public Access Counselor's website:

For questions about Indiana's Public Access Laws, please contact the Public Access Counselor, Luke Britt, at 317-234-0906. To visit the Indiana Public Access Counselor's website, please go to

Charter schools must also be mindful of retention schedules for public records.  To review the Educational Institution Retention Schedule, please click here.