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Indianapolis Academy of Excellence

On March 19, 2019, the Indiana Charter School voted to not renew the charter of Indianapolis Academy Excellence.  Please use this page to contact the appropriate school or agency for questions or concerns.

Transcripts or transfers of credits

For questions relating to obtaining transcripts or transferring of credits, please call the ICSB at 317-232-7585 or email indianacharterschoolboard@icsb.in.gov.  


If you have questions regarding enrollment in Indianapolis Public Schools or Indianapolis-based charter schools, please visit Enroll Indy at https://enrollindy.org/ or call them at 317-426-3234.  

Marion County Schools   

If your student is transferring to another Marion County school corporation, please contact that corporation's district office for questions specific to your student's new school.     

Corporation Phone Number Website 
Indianapolis Public Schools 317-226-4000 https://www.myips.org/
Beech Grove City Schools 317-788-4481 http://www.bgcs.k12.in.us/
Franklin Township Community School Corporation 317-862-2411 https://ftcsc.org/
MSD of Decatur Township  317-856-5265 http://www.decaturproud.org/
MSD of Lawrence Township
MSD of Pike Township 317-293-0393 http://www.pike.k12.in.us/
MSD of Warren Township 317-869-4300 http://www.warren.k12.in.us/
MSD of Washington Township 317-845-9400 https://www.msdwt.k12.in.us/
MSD of Wayne Township 317-988-8600 http://district.wayne.k12.in.us/
Perry Township Schools 317-789-3700 http://www.perryschools.org/
School Town of Speedway 317-244-0236 https://www.speedwayschools.org/